Who is john frusciante dating now

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Who is john frusciante dating now

Matt Dike was one of the first DJs to mix hip-hop, dance and rock.

The girl who made the dancer’s costumes was Jennifer Bruce, Anthony Kiedis's girlfriend.

I totally quit acting and theatre; I couldn’t really do that if I was going to travel.”The media were obsessed with the John and the band. But for those living on planet Earth, it was painful to watch his physical deterioration.

Soon, forgetting himself became an impossible struggle. In 1994, John released his first solo work, Niandra La Des, featuring cover art from an experimental film Toni was making called Desert In The Shape.

A native of Houston, Texas, she became well known in the eighties as a performance artist in the art/punk review, Theatre Carnivale and as the other half of adored guitarist John Frusciante, formerly of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Mainstream culture bored her, but Los Angeles provided many creative outlets for the Texan firecracker.

They toured America, Europe and later Japan.“I gave up my theatre to go on tour with him. We were joined at the hip for many years, but it was difficult for me. They divided their time between there and the Chateau Marmont in LA, and John’s drug use escalated.

I felt like something was missing, but I was willing to support him. For a long time, he lived in close proximity to death, producing haunting, transcendental music that confused the mainstream and thrilled the underground.

That night Rick Rubin introduced us properly.”A couple of weeks later, Toni was in a play with Manny Chevrolet of the Too Free Stooges.

She played a nurse who’d wipe Manny’s brow and dance with him and Dick Rude.

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They’d interview him in the living room and I could hear them.