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Attorney General Jeff Sessions isn’t a fan of marijuana.While speaking before federal, state, and local law enforcement about his plan to stem the flow of illegal drugs moving through the country and address the nationwide opioid crisis, he said he was “astonished” by suggestions that medical marijuana might be a cure.The ensemble was a relative bargain for the Duke of Kent's daughter, who became accustomed to wearing single items worth thousands of pounds as a fashion ambassador for brands including Armani and Bulgari.Bad language is not usually tolerated in Parliament, but Tory MP Penny Mordaunt revealed at yesterday's Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year awards that she littered a 2013 Commons speech on poultry with four instances of the word 'cock' — and all in order to win a bet.The fallout after the arrest included an eviction notice for Paradise Smoke Shop on Yale.The small business completed its relocation earlier this week, and Slayton held his press conference in front of a wall of glass bongs at the new location on Houston Ave.

NEW DAY: Small amounts of marijuana now can lead to class, not jail *Luis Amaya was indicted for possession of THC, in an amount equal to a third degree felony and faces 10 years in prison.( Jon Shapley / Houston Chronicle ) less Jolanda Jones, in red, speaks to her client Paul Slayton, better known as the Houston rapper Paul Wall, in the 262nd Criminal Court, at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, Tuesday, Dec. more Houston rappers Paul Wall and Ronald "Baby Bash" Bryant on Tuesday were cleared of drug charges that landed them in jail in December.After the announcement by the Harris County District Attorney's Office, Paul Wall, whose real name is Paul Slayton, smiled broadly showing his trademark silver grill and said that he was ready to visit places where marijuana is legal."Some people did have their own personal weed or whatever," she said."What I'm saying to you is that there was no organized criminal activity." THE CASE: Rapper Paul Wall accused of profiting from weed parties The same grand jury indicted five other people who were at the party for possession of different drugs in varying amounts: *Christopher Williams was indicted for possession of codeine, a first degree felony amount, and faces a maximum punishment of life in prison if convicted.

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Prosecutors said the dismissal was not related to a new program by newly elected District Attorney Kim Ogg to allow defendants to avoid criminal charges for small amounts of marijuana.