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Updating data dmi

The development of DMI Before the introduction of DMI, no standardized source of information could provide details about components in a personal computer.Due to the rapid development of DMTF technologies, such as Common Information Model (CIM), the DMTF defined an "End of Life" process for DMI, which ended on March 31, 2005.DMI is commonly confused with SMBIOS, which was actually called DMIBIOS in its first revisions.When software queries a memory-resident agent that resides in the background, it responds by sending data in MIFs (Management Information Format) or activating MIF routines.However, the computer was not able to recognize the drive at all, not even in BIOS.

A MIF routine could read memory and report its contents.Sometimes it is detected in BIOS, then I save and restart, but then it hangs at loading screen with the following error: Verifying DMI Pool Data.....Update Success Then nothing, the computer will not boot as it previously did.I searched online for possible problems, but none seemed to help.Last night, as I was trying something different to make the computer recognize the new hard drive, I removed 3 GB of ram from computer (it has 4 1GB sticks) and the hard drive was recognized right away.

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