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Many scholars (i.e.: Gosine) have characterized Trinidad as a pluralistic society consisting of a two-dimensional division of human relations.This concept however, has limitations in terms of inequalities based on not only race, but also class and gender.

Overview of Trinidads History and Ethnicity Amerindians also known as the Caribs and Arawaks originally inhabited Trinidad.After World War II, the Syrians and Lebanese joined the already diverse population growing in Trinidad.Furthermore, the importation of approximately 144,000 indentured laborers from India had a profound impact on the demographics of the islands society in comparison to some of the other groups.East Indians were also stereotyped as stingy, prone to domestic violence, and a heathen for not adopting "Western ways.Therefore, the division of labor was created by the planter elite as a means of effectively controlling the labor force.

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