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Geddy Lee subbed for the late bassist Chris Squire on “Roundabout,” and Howe then strapped on the bass for “Owner of a Lonely Heart.”“It was a little unusual,” Howe notes, “but it was a lot of fun.We practiced just enough to navigate our way through it all.” Responding to the notion that the Rock Hall performance could lead to an eventual reunion of the Instead, the current iteration of Yes (Howe, White, keyboardist Geoff Downes, bassist Billy Sherwood and singer Jon Davison) is celebrating the group’s epic history this summer with a full festival show called, appropriately enough, “Yestival” (the dates also include openers Todd Rundgren and Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy).Indeed, he’s just as adept at jazz (check out the fusion-esque “Westwinds”) and blues (as affirmed by “Luck of the Draw”) as he is with the numbers early on side one that essentially echo the Yes template.And lest there be any doubt about his ability to connect, a listen to his version of the surf standard “Walk Don’t Run” or the two tracks culled from his most unlikely but still critically satisfying Portraits of Bob Dylan album -- those being “Just Like a Woman” and “Buckets of Rain” -- demonstrate he’s perfectly attuned to conventional melodies as well.It’ll allow our fans to really get a sense of our development and how our music evolved album to album during the course of 12 years.

Howe seems to fancy himself as a kind of Django Reinhardt incarnate, what with his tonal sketches and sprawling, visceral soundscapes.Likewise Asia’s work is well represented in the marketplace as well.Still, a sample of his work with his early prog combo Tomorrow would have added interest, as would some live, unreleased or outside session offerings.Bandmate Barrie Cadogan said: "We are heartbroken that we have lost our dear friend and brother Virgil Howe.Our thoughts are with his daughter, family and partner.

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