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Stephany crowley e dating secrets

Yes, we book in for a cut, colour, maybe an upstyle if we're feeling fancy, but once installed in that chair, we find ourselves confiding all sorts of things to the person in whose hands, literally, we are. Shoes, River Island 'Come for the hair, stay for the therapy' could be the unofficial promise of every good salon.

"The first time I put my hand to someone's head, I was, like, 'That's disgusting'. You can see how thrilled they are, and that really gets me going." And, of course, it isn't just the way they look. I have two kids I'm bringing up myself as a single mother.

This is the exact premise of a new, four-week RTE show, Salon Confidential, which eavesdrops on these intimate conversations so that we - the TV audience - get to overhear what issues are aired.

Further, and often far more fascinating, we are also privy to what suggestions or observations are offered, even as we watch a magic-wand makeover in progress.

I went to Dublin very clueless about what to expect, but thinking, 'I have nothing to lose'.

I originally felt it was simply an honour to be in the room, but then I realised that this was all my dreams come true.

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'" Doing Salon Confidential has been a good thing in Stephanie's life. "Realising there's more out there than you know when you're inside your own little bubble.