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Perhaps in another world, the noise would've been actual sex, but here, it's just my alarm's sound announcing it's morning. I can't blame them, my mom has a very shapely body, with wide hips and size DD breasts. Even after Red was nicknamed the Champion from Pallet Town, the town decided to keep it's miniature stature. Kanto, and the other regions, have become increasingly lustful. I feel my crotch get tense as I look at her boobs practically spilling over her apron. Snarfing down the waffles, I say goodbye to mom and rush outside to get a breath of fresh air. I open the door, and to my surprise, no one is there. Most other ones in search only have 'kidnap' in their keywords to attract traffic.Members may also use the group IM to seek others interested in RP.Trainers also used to fuck their Pokemon, but ever since Professor Cedar died to an Onix cock, Kantonians refrained from satisfying their lust with deadly creatures. I get dressed quicker than usual, because today's an important day. It also meant that my mother fended off men who wanted to ravish her body on her way to the Viridian City shop. I walk over to the Pokemon lab, the only large building in small Pallet Town. I walk downstairs, and I see Charmander taking a nap on the floor. If you want, I can help you relax." I look at her, perplexed. "You look confused, I guess I'll have to show you." Then, to my surprise, she pushes her breasts over her apron, revealing them. They're bigger than I thought, two big, bouncing orbs.

She starts sucking me off, her tongue swirling around the head. " I can barely whisper a response, it feels too good.

Kidnap Roleplayers - Club for arranging kidnappings, for fun and something different to do.

Places a member might go to find other KRP members: Deadend, Republic of Hayao, Zhora, Pit of Soles, Roper's Dark Playground, Kidnapper's Warehouse, and Force Park.

Mom lets out a scream, and squirts all over my cock.

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