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This may seem like a bit of a copout when you’re probably just thinking about how well it will shave your face, but it’s a nice bonus to know that you don’t need the latest thing – just the best thing.To conclude, the Schick Krona is a fascinating piece of history, a wonderful vintage rarity, and a good double edged razor in its own right.

Late 40’s – Mid 50’s Gillette Super Speed The Gillette Super Speed was introduced after World War II and production continued through the early 1970’s.After that I think engineers began to “over tweak” the design and the accountants began to get more involved in the production process.Many consider these mid-1950’s razors to be not only solidly built but exceptionally smooth shavers. A letter and a number: the letter corresponds to a year and the number corresponds to the calendar quarter of that year.Though not nearly as popular as Gillette DE’s, and manufactured with a metal razor head and a plastic handle, the Krona also has a reputation of being a smooth, forgiving razor for the beginner.I’ve shaved with a couple different Krona razors and while they are quite a bit lighter than the all-metal Super Speeds (at least until Gillette started using plastic handles too) they have a good balance in the hand and give a mild shave (some say too mild and I admit it took a bit more effort from me to get a really close shave out of them).

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With that in mind, we decided to give it a shot and tell you what we thought; this razor’s an oldie but a goodie.

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