Pakistani dating customs seeing other people while dating

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Pakistani dating customs

They congregate at her parents’ home to rub her face, arms, hands, feet, and shins with a bright yellow/mustard-colored paste known as paste to the bride’s parents’ home, which would then be used to embellish the hands and feet of the bride and her female family members with intricate and lovely designs, using thin wooden sticks – a labor of love that would take hours and painstaking effort to accomplish.

Huge trays of traditional sweets known as ) along with flower jewelry on her wrists, earlobes, and forehead, her face going makeup free.

Pakistani weddings keep most international airlines and local textile businesses thriving and in-business,… Question: What happens inside an air-conditioned marquee, almost uncannily during the months of June, July or December; amalgamates families and relatives scattered all around the world, has enough bling to fill up a swanky store, and is the primary breeding ground for further events of its kind? No matter how much most Pakistanis love to hate Pakistan for its plethora of life problems, what no Pakistani will ever condemn or complain about, no matter how hard they try to, is a Pakistani wedding.

These dresses are placed in her cupboard, and she is expected to wear them to the formal dinner parties hosted for the couple by their close family members in the subsequent weeks.

In Pakistani weddings, it is traditionally customary for the couple to receive gifts of cash from attendees and guests.

In Islamic law, a physical relationship is initiated with a marriage () to gain God's blessings.

Physical and deeper emotional attachments are a second or third aim, after this long-term commitment is made.

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Muslims believe in One God and therefore live by a moral code they believe is set organically by Him.

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