No registration local sex

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No registration local sex

Answer: A person being fingerprinted at a FAST location will need to know their agency's Service Code, which will be supplied by the employing/licensing agency (including their Agency Identification Number if applicable), a driver's license or other valid form of identification (PDF), and the form of payment selected when the appointment was made. Answer: Once the information is received, it may take approximately 10 business days for the results. Public Site to conduct an online name-based search.

We cannot guarantee the amount of time it may take to receive this information through the postal service. Answer: The Department of Public Safety is the criminal history repository for the State of Texas; our records are comprised of information submitted by criminal justice agencies only within the State of Texas.

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The duty to register for this type of sex offender expires when the offender stops working or attending school in Texas.

Answer: A sex offender registers with the local law enforcement authority of the municipality (the office of the chief of police) where the offender resides.

Answer: As defined by Article 62.001(5) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, "Reportable conviction or adjudication" means a conviction or adjudication, including an adjudication of delinquent conduct or a deferred adjudication, that, regardless of the pendency of an appeal, is a conviction for or an adjudication for or based on: (A) a violation of Section 21.02 (Continuous sexual abuse of young child or children), 21.09 (Bestiality), 21.11 (Indecency with a child), 22.011 (Sexual assault), 22.021 (Aggravated sexual assault), or 25.02 (Prohibited sexual conduct), Penal Code; (B) a violation of Section 43.05 (Compelling prostitution), 43.25 (Sexual performance by a child), or 43.26 (Possession or promotion of child pornography), Penal Code; (B-1)a violation of Section 43.02 (Prostitution), Penal Code, if the offense is punishable under Subsection (c-1)(3) of that section; (C) a violation of Section 20.04(a)(4) (Aggravated kidnapping), Penal Code, if the actor committed the offense or engaged in the conduct with intent to violate or abuse the victim sexually; (D) a violation of Section 30.02 (Burglary), Penal Code, if the offense or conduct is punishable under Subsection (d) of that section and the actor committed the offense or engaged in the conduct with intent to commit a felony listed in Paragraph (A) or (C); (E) a violation of Section 20.02 (Unlawful restraint), 20.03 (Kidnapping), or 20.04 (Aggravated kidnapping), Penal Code, if, as applicable: (i) the judgment in the case contains an affirmative finding under Article 42.015; or (ii) the order in the hearing or the papers in the case contain an affirmative finding that the victim or intended victim was younger than 17 years of age.

Prior to September 1, 1997, the sex offender registration laws were prospective in application; therefore, a person convicted of or adjudicated for a sex offense before the law required registration for the offense did not have to register.

The Texas Department of Public Safety determines whether an offense under the laws of another state contains elements that are substantially similar to the elements of a Texas offense that requires registration.

Answer: Yes, if the sex offender’s conviction is a “reportable conviction or adjudication” and the offender resides, works or attends school in Texas.

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