Mistress chatbot

Posted by / 31-Dec-2018 15:56

Sourceid Chatbot is chatbot written in javascript This is modified program from "Chatterbot Eliza" Author: Gonzales Cenelia.That basically like Eliza Chatbot by Joseph Weizenbaum.

There seems to be a MAJOR malfunction with the fembot Ivys.Kut Kut Chat Bot is an easy to use program based on artificial intelligence, designed to chat with the user.Just choose your bot, write the message and press Enter. Additionally, there are some shell commands that you can use to give different instructions to Kut Kut Chat Bot..It also provides users with test cases in order to ensure that the chatbot is functioning correctly..Free download of Chatbot Designer Pro 0.8.4571.25375, size 0 b.

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