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Mint com not updating

When you went through the changeover process you should have chosen "LINK" accounts and not ADD accounts.Had you done this you would not have the duplicate accounts.So then I have to go through the new accounts, update the categories where they're not recognized, then delete the old accounts.Nothing like solving one problem just to create another.Since you only have transactions since January, getting them in order shouldn't be too much of a pain.But many, many users seem to miss the screen with the link drop down box...mainly because it just says "add" unless you press the arrow. Yes, that's what I did, just deleted the old account and moved forward with the new ones. There probably would've been a 'merge accounts' option if I poked around enough too, instead of just deleting the old account. This is the sort of thing that Quicken should be able to make more obvious to less-sophisticated users, though.Hopefully that's a one-time thing, but it's part of what makes Quicken such shitware.If anyone else has this problem, apparently the answer is to switch over to Direct Connect, but be aware Quicken will make you do a bunch more work--make sure to leave ample time.

You agree to some terms, they send an email to confirm, and then you can update [email protected] .........It was now impossible to tell how much we budgeted from our zero-based budget in November for certain categories, versus what was rollover spending.I immediately opened a customer service chat window, figuring this was a known problem.I’ve sung its praises to friends and family, encouraging them to sign up and even tutoring them on how to best use the tool. I was not sure the December budget would be available yet because of the Pacific/Eastern time zone difference. ) it was, blank and fresh, with just a few dollars of rollover spending in a couple of categories.I altered the budgeted amounts on the December budget, then visited a different tab.

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When I came back to the budget, it looked all wrong.

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