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His success blew up and took home a lot of girls on the show.At the time, Pesce was in another relationship, working in the fashion industry with Saks, and she told KTLA that she was just happy for Sorrentino.This deeply affected Pesce and she decided to take a leave of absence to move back to her hometown of Holmdel, New Jersey to focus on her mind, body and soul.She became a fitness enthusiast and joined a kickboxing gym.These days, the nice guy is giving back in various ways, such as speaking on a panel for NYC Administration of Child Services, talking Instagram politics with his 1.2 million followers, live-tweeting GOP debates and hanging out with his sweet rescue pup.As for his love life, Vinny dated Melanie Iglesias for a couple of years, ultimately breaking up in 2014, and has not been publicly linked to anyone since.But perhaps most surprisingly of all, you've got your sober Mike, who's also taken the plunge into a real, live relationship. It's just that Mike put it in the same girl for four summers in a row, let her meet his family, and is only repulsed by about 89% of her appearance and personality. And upon whose head did he decide to bestow his thorny love crown (ew, I know, I'm sorry)? But why should we trust the internet to give us meaningless little factoids about Miss Paula when she herself has so much to teach us just from last night's episode.

She also celebrated her 29th birthday this week with friends and her former cast mates.Today, the couple is engaged and are appearing on .With Sorrentino's legal issues and his battles with addiction, the relationship is very difficult for Pesce to deal with at times.It’s funny how small the world is, because eventually she ran into Sorrentino.He too battled addiction, but won, and was able to be there for Pesce during this dark and difficult time for her. These days Pesce is helping Sorrentino with his reality tv project about his family, The Sorrentino’s and has launched her lifestyle and fashion blog, Style

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After he sent them his number, "The casting directors called me from LA and they said they wanted to send down a camera crew to Rhode Island to film a day in my life.

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