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Use the Administration Console to view metrics for Java components.

You can view metrics on the Monitoring tab for the selected Managed Server, or you can use the Metric Browser.

Incompatible cache entries are automatically removed. Note that query cache entries are portable across different releases of Oracle Business Intelligence, such as between Version and 11.1.1.

Caching occurs by default at the subrequest level, which results in multiple cache entries for some SQL statements.

As updates occur on the back-end databases, the query cache entries can become stale.

Therefore, you must periodically remove entries from the query cache using one of the following methods: The parameters that control query caching are located in Fusion Middleware Control and in the NQSConfig.

It also describes how to manage and use the query cache, a feature that enables the Oracle BI Server to save the results of a query in cache files and then reuse those results later when a similar query is requested.

Using cache, the cost of database processing must be paid only once for a query, not every time the query is run.

System metrics are available in Fusion Middleware Control for system components within a given Oracle Business Intelligence installation.

Note that the aggregate persistence feature is not available when repository updates are prevented.

Preventing repository updates can improve Oracle BI Server performance, because in this mode, the Oracle BI Server does not need to handle lock control.

INI file, described in Appendix A, "Configuration File Settings." See also Section 5.7.3, "Using Agents to Seed the Oracle BI Server Cache" for additional information.

This section contains the following topics: The query cache consists of cache storage space, cache metadata, and cache detection in query compilation.

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The process of the Oracle BI Server accessing the cache metadata is very fast.

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