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Mallorie grew up in Bohan, and there are suspicions early in the game that she could be having an affair with another character. Vlad sees himself as an intimidating character with a lot of influence over how the town is run, but the reality is he is a low level Russian criminal who is trying to win respect amongst the bigger boys in town. Dimitri is one of the hardcore Eastern European characters that you encounter early in the game.He is an associate of Mikhail Faustin, and goes on to become one of the key figures in the storyline.At the beginning of the game, Roman serves as your only friend and as your only connection in the story.He runs a failing taxi business in a converted industrial garage in Broker.

In the first section of the story, Niko develops a working relationship with Faustin and his associates, Dimitri and Vlad. Patrick "Packie" Mc Reary is an Irish hoodlum who is related to bent cop Francis Mc Reary, as well as the other Mc Reary brothers - Gerry and Derrick.

Kate is said to be the only genuinely good member of the Mc Reary family.

You meet Kate (initially) in the second section of the storyline, after being introduced by Packie, and she eventually goes on to become Niko's girlfriend.

If you maintain a good friendship with Brucie, eventually he will offer a free helicopter service to Niko.

Mallorie Bardas is dating Roman Bellic, Niko's cousin, but their relationship together is far from perfect - mainly due to Roman's incompetence.

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Elizabeta has been a successful drug dealer in Bohan for more than ten years.