Girl friend sex in santa cruz

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Girl friend sex in santa cruz

As a reporter assigned to cover the grisly murder investigation (Ill Show You Where I Buried the Pieces of Their Bodies, August INSIDE, 1973) and the trial, I had, by chance, chatted with him a few weeks before his trial, as he was waiting at the I wrote a story about our meeting and my impressions of him and he liked it, thus came his promise of an interview once the trial was ended.

Kemper had warned me the court hearings on the gory sex-killings of six coeds and the subsequent murders of his mother and her best friend probably would turn my stomach. As a sex-starved young man in what should have been a peak of his virility, he was sexually and socially so uncertain of himself that he began to prey on hitchhiking coeds, not as a rapist, but as a murderer and necrophiliac.

Kemper told investigators he had killed his mother to spare her the suffering and shame that knowledge of his crimes would bring.

But, he said, as he sat in the little room with me: "There were times when she was bitching and yelling at me that I felt like retaliating and walking over to the telephone in her presence and calling the police, to say, 'Hello, I'm the coed killer,' just to lay it on her." Kemper's testimony in court revealed his desire to punish his mother did not end with the fatal hammer blow.

"At first I picked up girls just to talk to them, just to try to get acquainted with people my own age and try to strike up a friendship," he had told investigators.

Then he began to have sex fantasies about the girls he picked up hitchhiking, but feared being caught and convicted as a rapist So, he said: "I decided to mix the two and have a situation of rape and murder and no witnesses and no prosecution." He disclosed that, despite the fact he killed Miss Pesce, she had awakened a feeling of tenderness in him that none of his other victims did.

He recalled with pride the job he'd held there as head of the psychological testing lab at the age of 19 and working directly under the hospital's chief psychologist.

Disarming as he is at times, more than once during the long afternoon I was reminded that I was sitting face to face with a six-foot, nine-inch 255-pound giant who had murdered and mutilated six coeds, beaten his sleeping mother to death with a hammer and strangled his mother's best friend in a matter of seconds.

's mass murderer Edmund Kemper, 24, was convicted on eight counts of first degree murder, he kept a promise and granted me an exclusive interview.

It was not my first person-to-person talk with the young killer.

"I really wasn't surprised when it came out that way," he said.

"There was just no way they could find me insane ... Ten or 20 years from now they would have, but they're not going to take a chance." after he murdered his grandparents in 1964 at the age of 15.

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He said they planned to send him to a "halfway house" environment where he would still have counseling, have a chance to get acquainted with girls at social functions and become aware of persons in his own age group.