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Many are found while hiding underneath humidity-holding surface debris such as lawn decorations and even cattle dung (cow patties).

Peruvian villagers living in the Andean mountains have shunned modern medicine in favor of a traditional cure-all which is used to treat all manner of maladies, from a slow sex drive to high levels of stress: blended frog juice.

The first I was after a 5 hour car trip where they were in a bucket for over 24 hours. Nobody knows how to breed them, or no one is telling people they know how to breed them. I don't even know if they lay eggs, or just keep them until they're ready. As a note, I have noticed that both times they were in amplexus the male held the female at first in mid abdomen, and it slowly progressed to the armpits.However, there is a miniscule species that thrives in and among cattle pastures and graze lands that is often referred to as the smallest frog in Texas. The Spotted Chorus Frog (Pseudacris clarkii) belongs to a genus of frogs that has 4 representatives here in Texas.This particular race occurs throughout the eastern and central Panhandle and Edwards Plateau regions, as well as the Cross-Timbers area of North Texas and the Coastal Plains region. It thrives in areas of open prairies, meadows, pastures, and grasslands.Assuming they have escaped that fate, the eggs eventually dribble off the leaf and fall into a stream below, where they develop into tadpoles."This is a remarkable frog with unprecedented reproductive behaviour," Dr Biju said in a statement."This discovery is fundamental for understanding the evolutionary ecology and behaviour in anuran amphibians."The uniqueness of the does not end there. But in this species the female does as well, though scientists are not sure what evolutionary purpose it might serve.Indian night frogs split off from other frogs some 70 to 80 million years ago, making them a very ancient group.

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Like most of the family Hylidae, this species can be quite variable in appearance.

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