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Farb dating packard

This population did not change in spleens of mice on a normal diet compared to mice on a western type diet (Sup. S6c), rendering their role in atherosclerosis-related cross-presentation not very likely.

In summary, we did not identify other DC or DC-like populations likely to have taken over cross-presentation from the depleted CD8α chimeras and control mice were injected with fluorescently labeled OT-I Tcells and with necrotic OVA-expressing cells as described above.

(c) Correlation analysis between amount of residual CD8α DC depletion affected initial plaque formation. Next, the effect of significantly hampered cross-presentation ability on atherosclerosis could be analyzed. (b, c) Plaque area, necrotic core area and percentage necrotic core relative to plaque area are did not differ in the brachiocephalic artey (b) and aortic root (c). mediastinalis dorsalis, strongly enlarged in atherosclerosis) but no relevant differences in the proportion of regulatory T cells (Fig. Naïve (CD44) in the aorta-draining lymph nodes were not affected by Batf3 deficiency (Fig. These data suggest that cross-presentation does not play an active role in the clonal expansion of atherosclerosis-relevant Tcells, neither locally in the aorta-draining lymph node, or systemically in the lymphoid organs., but its actors and triggers are hitherto largely unknown.Necrosis - a prime hallmark of clinical atherosclerosis - was recently linked to immunity.Necrotic tumor cell-derived epitopes are able to elicit a strong cytolitic immune response, allowing tumor elimination.We next investigated if other DC populations with, albeit lower, capacity to cross-present might have expanded to compensate for the loss of Batf3-dependent DCs.Merocytic DCs (m DCs) can cross-present in a context of diabetes.

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However, while some mice exhibited very small initial lesions, plaque sizes of both groups were similar (Sup. Unexpectedly, neither advanced plaques in the aortic root nor initial plaques in brachiocephalic artery showed differences in plaque size, necrotic core size or necrotic core percentage between batf3 chimeras and control mice also contained the same amount of macrophages (Fig. In addition, features of plaque stability were similar in both groups, as we observed no changes in vascular smooth muscle cell content or collagen (Fig. We opted for cross-presentation as plausible candidate, considering that all components for effective cross-presentation are present in the advanced atherosclerotic plaque and that several genes involved in cross-presentation were more expressed in ruptured compared to early atherosclerotic lesions of CVD patients.