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Rucker is here to say that his character is not a fantasy. "I think often the misconception is we can't wait to run away from y'all and you all are always chasing us trying to get us to commit," said Rucker."I think you'd be surprised at how many men there are who actually really want the same things you want. Our dreams, our fantasies are very much the same, to be completely honest with you. We're looking for that intimacy and everything too, seriously." Shiela has to go to the mountains of Colorado to find her man, but Troy may be closer than you think.Jones, Lamman Rucker, Denise Boutte, Keyshia Cole, Monica Arnold, Amber Stevens, Cicely Tyson, Louis Gossett Jr.

He plays the small town sheriff Troy who sweeps Shiela (Jill Scott) off her feet after she finds out her husband has been cheating on her. You then write it down and share it with everybody. What does that say about the type of person Tyler Perry is? All I had to do was tap into the places where I was hurt. Tyler touches on the subject of HIV and African Americans in the film. That's why we ended up in Canada shooting for a week, rather than on some soundstage somewhere. If you like what we do, however, please consider becoming a Slant patron.I first came across Tyler Perry late one Sunday afternoon after a hard night of dominating the Gin cabinet. : What I love about Tyler Perry and his writing is that he addresses things in our community we are afraid to address. He keeps it honest, and that's why it made it really easy for us as actors to say those words.

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That vibe ran through this particular press conference last week. I was going through a divorce when I was filming the movie. I think the biggest hurdle was getting over "Janet Jackson" as you're watching the movie. Tasha Smith: I totally forgot it was Janet when we were filming. Tyler Perry: If you look at Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls, you will see that he was a struggling mechanic. I think there are so many different expressions of who we are as African American people. I don't think you can lock us into one particular little box and say, "This is who you are" These people happened to have all gone to college, and they are all educated.