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The illustrations show a wide range of characters in a land of film, using the film reels as slides and really getting involved with the media.

It shows the characteristics of the festival—the friendliness, the intimacy and the broad-ranging audience.

He was also a student at Cambridge University in Britain. He was long believed to have approached producers Dan Enright and Albert Freedman, originally, to appear on Tic-Tac-Dough, another game they produced.

After his defeat he was offered a three-year contract with NBC.

I had to really consider how the imagery would work in each format for such a large project.

When allegations of cheating were first raised by Stempel and others, Van Doren denied any wrongdoing, saying, "It's silly and distressing to think that people don't have more faith in quiz shows." As the investigation by the district attorney's office and eventually US Congress progressed, Charles Van Doren, now host on The Today Show, was under pressure from NBC to testify but went into hiding in order to avoid the committee's subpoena.

It was another former Twenty-One contestant, the artist James Snodgrass, who would finally provide indisputable corroborating proof that the show had been rigged.

Goodwin knew at that moment ordinary people would not so easily forgive Van Doren." "While there was a burst of applause when Mr. Van Doren with a "God bless you", there was applause, too, when Rep. Derounian, Republican, New York, declined to go along with compliments that other committee members showered on the witness for telling the truth. Van Doren winced, flushed, and ducked his head." "I'm happy that you've made the statement. See, I don't think an adult of your intelligence should be commended for simply, at long last, telling the truth." His actual remarks, taken from the published transcript, were: "Mr.

'I don't think an adult of your intelligence ought to be commended for telling the truth,' Mr. Van Doren, I am happy that you made the statement, but I cannot agree with most of my colleagues who commended you for telling the truth, because I don't think an adult of your intelligence ought to be commended for telling the truth." He became an editor at Praeger Books and a pseudonymous (at first) writer, before becoming an editor of the Encyclopædia Britannica and the author of several books, of which his 1991 popular-market A History of Knowledge may be his best known.

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It was great to be involved in the project and, through working with the team, I think the branding has turned out very nicely.

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