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Dating upillar com

“How could we be hiding something when the numbers are there? “We are in full compliance and I believe that everyone is entitled to these reports. peace campus life column contributions entertainment FDU film review florham from the editor's desk front page hot topics j.

The reports are imperative and if students are not receiving them, they should have their email accounts checked.” Senior Kara Lynch, who is a resident on campus, did not receive the report either.

While drug referrals were down for the 2016 report, liquor law referrals were higher in 2016 than in the previous two years.

In response to the release of the reports, Thornton said that she wants to remind everyone that Public Safety is “pro-active in their attempts” to stop campus crimes.

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28, the Department of Public Safety on FDU’s Florham Campus released its 2016 Clery Report, which records that there were seven on-campus rapes; three cases of domestic violence, two of which occurred in student housing; six on-campus drug abuse arrests; 130 on-campus liquor law referrals; and 43 on-campus drug referrals.

There were no reports of murder, negligent manslaughter, fondling, incest, statutory rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, dating violence, stalking, liquor law arrests, weapon arrests or weapon referrals.

Every vehicle on campus must have a proper pass or decal,” said Thornton.

Thornton also said that students can report crimes confidentially online.

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“Keeping their doors locked will protect against strangers invading our living space, and not leaving valuables unattended and keeping their cars locked when unoccupied will help ensure a safe environment as well.” Dean of Students Jas Verem, whose office circulated the report in a school-wide email, said that campus safety is the responsibility of everyone on campus. We have Public Safety staff and Campus Life staff to ensure that our community is respecting and following the rules,” he said.