Dating in the news

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Dating in the news

“When you are living out a relationship in the public eye, it's definitely ...

The day Meagan learned she was pregnant, Rhett began a punch-list: Paint the room. Q: I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania three years ago and met a woman who stole my heart about a year ago. We like the same food, the same music and have the same on politics.

“When you put it all together, it’s the perfect storm,” said Leigh (name has been changed), 47, an Upper East Side financial analyst.

“In New York City, there are already way more single women than men,” she explained.

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And in the immediate future, will the fear of being branded a harasser cast a pall over opportunities for singles to find romance and fun this holiday season?“Like, when guys approach you and say, ‘Smile,’ ” said Connie Chen, 33, of Williamsburg.“It may not be harassment, but it’s sexist.” “I don’t consider flirtatious jokes or comments sexual harassment,” said Bonnie, 42, an Upper East Side dental hygienist.Their new relationship comes a month after news emerged that Patrick, 35, had ended her relationship with fellow racecar driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Tony Stewart calls Danica Patrick ‘fearless’ despite team split Meanwhile, Rodgers — who missed nine games this season due to a broken collarbone — ended his relationship with actress Olivia Munn last spring after three years together.The Packers star explained the challenges that come with dating another celebrity in a feature published by ESPN the Magazine last August.

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Some offenders even hypocritically argue that the secrecy protects the victim, when it's obvious that the secrecy protects the predator and that is yet another reason for Rhynhart to make...