Dating for marriage in russia how to spot a player in dating

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Dating for marriage in russia

Such views on life preserved in Russia until the end of the twentieth century when marriages at the age of 18-20 were still common.

Nowadays the majority of young men and women in Russia prefer not to rush to marriage and such trend has gained popularity: prior to marriage, the future spouses strive to receive good education, find a decent job and achieve the first successes in their careers.

The Russian Federation actively supports young families to reduce the number of divorces.

Just a few decades ago, it was very common among Russians to play the wedding at an early age.In wealthy families, an apartment may become a wedding gift from relatives.Some couples apply for a home loan to buy their first home.By the time of marriage and the birth of children, the young families have their lives arranged and are able to support themselves financially.Civil unions have been gaining popularity in Russia lately.

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When a child is born, the young family receives support in the amount of 343,387 rubles (approximately $11,000 in 2010).

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