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Dating culture in paraguay

Howler monkeys are harder to spot but easier to hear.

The park is also a historical site for the iron foundry destroyed by Brazilian forces in the War of the Triple Alliance, a severe blow to Paraguay's war effort.

Strictly speaking, Mision Jesus is not a ruin; rather, it was an incomplete construction when Spain expelled the Jesuits from the New World in 1767.

Overshadowed by its bigger, flashier neighbors, Paraguay is a curious country that's overlooked by visitors who flock to South American destinations like Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and the highlands of the Andes.

Surrounded by Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia, this landlocked nation is larger than a glance at the map suggests.

Legend says its odd moniker stems from a mistake by 19th-century dictator Carlos Antonio Lopez's cook, who accidentally added excessive corn flour to a more liquid lunchtime dish. Related to the common holly, cultivated on plantations throughout the region, mate (pronounced "mahtay") or "Paraguayan tea" is popular among Argentines, Uruguayans and even southern Brazilians, who imbibe prodigious amounts of their favorite infusion.

Some like it hot, but Paraguayans prefer it chilled in the suffocating summer heat.

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Paraguay has a rich indigenous heritage, not just from its Guarani past and present but also thanks to the smaller but diverse Amerindian populations from the Gran Chaco region that overlaps western Paraguay.