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With access to only a limited number of profiles, e Harmony users are more likely to successfully and more rapidly identify a match with another user, who because of limited choice, is less likely to reject them.“Online dating platforms that restrict choice, like e Harmony, exist and prosper alongside platforms that offer more choice, like,” said Halaburda.“On a platform that offers more choice, agents also face more competition as their candidates also enjoy a larger choice set.”Ultimately, for online dating users who can tolerate rejection and aren’t bothered by a potentially longer timeframe to identify a match, provides much greater choice of options.

A new study looks into this dilemma and provides suggestions to help users know which company is best for them.

“[Dating someone of a different faith] means you’re making them first before God,” he adds.

But Gillis says he realizes that, theology aside, the reality of interfaith dating is more complicated.“It’s all in the heart and the intentions,” he says. Skoda ’07, who is also Christian, disagrees that an interfaith relationship might strain a person’s relationship with God.

However, if you do not want to go the volume route, the site you chose may be more expensive.

The study, “Competing by Restricting Choice: The Case of Search Platforms,” explains that most sites, such as, compete by building the largest user base possible, and provide users with access to unlimited profiles on the platform.

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“It’s more up in the air than it’s ever been for me,” she says.