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The default category settings are based on a child's age, but you can modify these as necessary for your child.think much of using her real name and photo in a chat feature on Kapwing, the website she cofounded last year.Mean, lewd messages came in from all over the world.” Enthoven isn’t sure why Rachel garnered such heightened harassment, but speculates that it could be that her photo looks more casual and less professional.After Rachel, Enthoven changed the image to the company’s cartoon logo of a cat with a generic name, Team Kapwing.

Banning users that send hateful messages doesn’t seem viable at this point, she notes.

Over the course of a week, only one user sent a rude comment.

After that, Enthoven changed the chat box’s identity to a blonde model named “Rachel Gray.” In less than an hour, the harassment resumed and continued for three weeks at a rate 50 percent higher than the level than Enthoven’s photo attracted.

The harassing messages went away, and the logo has remained on ever since.

It’s not an ideal solution, but as a startup founder struggling to grow her fledgling company, she’d prefer to take the easiest route.

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She was surprised to see harassment drop to nearly zero.