Brendon urie audrey kitching dating

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Brendon urie audrey kitching dating

Pete Wentz ( PM): Here’s the thing if I show you guys interest a lot of crappy labels are gonna come and do the same and I don’t want a huge mess out there.I mean how interested are you guys in going fulltime when you can Pete Wentz ( PM): Yeah you’ll get eh patrock thing but how many people.Pete Wentz ( PM): Sometimes Ryan Ross ( PM): okay, i was just wondering if this was your email incase you arent on i’ll just send them Pete Wentz ( PM): Yeah send it here for sure Ryan Ross ( PM): okay Ryan Ross ( PM): dude this better not be a joke, it better be you Pete Wentz ( PM): It is Pete Wentz ( PM): But there are a lot of fakers out there Ryan Ross ( PM): okay.yeah i know someone has shown me like fake journals of you and stuff.Pete Wentz ( PM): Yeah sounds good kind of like patrick Pete Wentz ( PM): I like it Ryan Ross ( PM): yeah thats the only thing we get that alot. we like your band but we dont want to sound like you guys, or be compared to fob all the time you know?but yeah he is aware that kids say he sounds like patrick so he’s just trying different vocal stuff sometimes.

i cant see myself doing anything else but playing in a band, cause every job i’ve ever had ive hated it Pete Wentz ( PM): You don’t have a picture of the band Ryan Ross ( PM): no, but if you need it i could have my buddy take some tomorrow at practice Pete Wentz ( PM): That would be rad Ryan Ross ( PM): okay we’ll take some Ryan Ross ( PM): are you online much?

but we still have alot of those parts live and full band Pete Wentz( PM): Does it have samples like that Pete Wentz ( PM): How many people are in the band….

Are you guys all in hicghschool Ryan Ross ( PM): do you mean do we use a sampler?

Sound like hime Ryan Ross ( PM): so you really think we’ve got potential then?

Pete Wentz ( PM): I do Ryan Ross ( PM): i’ve wanted to play in a band for my job ever since i started high school at least.

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Here is my somewhat professional and mostly chronological compilation of all things Ryden (or Rydon, if you’re one of those fans). Brendon’s regular job was working at a Smoothie Cafe (Tropical Smoothie Café, 3595 East Bonanza Road #110, Las Vegas, NV 89110).

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