Are charlyne yi and michael cera dating dating the older

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Are charlyne yi and michael cera dating

You can plan this type of film out only so much, but everything is constantly changing.

You know, we never intended for the intrusion of the crew and the cameras to be a big part of the film, but it kind of naturally came out. You know, when we were making the movie, we had this behind-the-scenes camera, and it was awful!

Maybe it's her size or age or something -- you can't help but feel protective of her.

She doesn't need it, I don't think, and I'm sure she would hate to hear that I feel that way about her.

As the film plays at LAFF this week, I sat down with Jasenovec (pictured here, at bottom-left, with his cast) to get the lowdown on his chemistry with Yi, the behind-the-scenes incidents that changed the film, and the double-edged sword that came from the film's hyped reception this year at Sundance.

And no, I didn't send an actor to play myself in the interview. I think I saw her perform at maybe Garage Comedy a couple times.

[Laughs] It was almost like all for the sake of the movie.

) Yi and Michael Cera go on a quest to understand what love really is, interviewing ministers, kids, and lovebirds all over the country.

They really got to know each other on the road -- they had the last two seats on the van, so they were always back there playing ridiculous games and giggling.

Looking back, I'm sure it would look like a really smart decision on my part [to pair them that way], but it was unintentional.

How did you get Jake Johnson, who plays you in the film, to replicate your behind-the-scenes chemistry with Charlyne?

They really were bonding the entire time during shooting.

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