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41 singles dating chat  dating site language switzerland

What used to be referred to disparagingly as “das mindere Basel” (“Basel minor”) is today a very popular district.Find out more » Riehen has already had the honour of being named the Swiss municipality with the highest quality of life.The artist, moved at the time by the people of Basel, donated four of his works to the city. The Picasso donation 50 years later The city on the Rhine delights visitors with its wealth of cultural, relaxing and indulgent experiences, whether at one of the many museums, on a culinary discovery tour or at the heart of Basel's nightlife. Anyone who moves around Basel’s various districts will soon find it to be a city of many faces.From idyllic residential neighbourhoods to picturesque alleys in the old town and to urban settings reminiscent of big cities like Hamburg or Berlin – you’ll find all these and much more.This tradition has continued in recent years – thanks to the Novartis Campus, which is gradually developing into a “city in the city”.

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is now Switzerland’s national airline.

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Mehr erfahren » The western part of Basel is very popular as a residential area.

Mehr erfahren » A whiff of the sea: the port of Basel is more than just the place where three countries come together; here you can actually feel the wanderlust.

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SWISS is part of the Lufthansa Group and a member of the Star Alliance, the largest network of airlines in the world.

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