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Above is the video of Kat reading her poem in class.This scene shows a completely different view of Kat than was previously presented in the film; not only does she confess that she is actually in love with Patrick but she starts crying in front of the entire class.Welcome to my 10 things I hate about you Quotes page. I hate your big dumb combat boots And the way you read my mind. I hate it when you make me laugh -- Even worse when you make me cry. KATERINA'S POEM: I hate the way you talk to me And the way you cut your hair. I hate you so much it makes me sick -- It even makes me rhyme. I hate it when you're not around And the fact that you didn't call. Morgan - Don't even get me started on you two Patrick - You're not afraid of me are you? Patrick - Well most people are Katarina - Well I'm not Patrick - Well maybe you're not afraid of me, but I'm sure you've thought of me naked (wink)Katarina - (sarcastically) Am I that transparent? Bianca - Not the hacking and gagging and spitting part, please. (Bianca is pulling an arrow back on a bow, taking aim)Joey - Hey there, Cupid. Joey - You're concentrating awefully hard, considering it's gym class.(Bianca releases her grip on the string and sends the arrow soaring into Mr. ) (Bianca punches Joey in the nose)Joey - Sh*t Bianca! Bianca - That's for making my date bleed.(She hits him again)Bianca - That's for my sister(She knees him in the groin)Bianca - And that's for me!

Don't say sh*t like that to me, people can hear you.

The movie features Kat, the older sister of Bianca, who instead of being termed a “shrew” by her fellow students and family members, is considered a “heinous bitch” (the words of her guidance councilor) by her peers.

Below is a video I made featuring the highlights of Kat’s “heinous” behavior.

Patrick - So, you disappoint them from the start and then you're covered, right?

Why should I live up to other people's expectations instead of my own?

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Shakespeare’s play, written between 1590-1594, is about a women who is strong-willed and so temperamental that no man will want to marry her.

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